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• Although your website will be administered by us on your behalf, it will be your property
• If you wish to terminate the agreement for whatever reason, you need only give a week’s notice. We will remove the site from the internet and send you all the HTML files so that you can, if you wish, continue to use them
• Your website will be copyright in your name, not ours
• However, your domain name will be registered in our name simply for the purposes of convenience. If you decide to terminate the agreement, although it is possible to transfer the registration to you, in practice you will probably find it easier and cheaper to buy a new, similar name yourself (so, for instance, if we have been running a site called “www.anytownchoir.co.uk” and you wish to make other arrangements, you might decide to call it “www.any-town.co.uk” instead)

All of our packages now come with a free .com domain name. We have a limited number of these available and they will be given on a first come first served basis. So sign up for one of our hosting plans now before it is too late!

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